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How We Help




The driving force behind the PTO, is obviously the children.  Much of monies raised go to directly aid in items and events that will help the children grow academically and socially.  Click on the picture to read some more of the specific items the PTO helps fund to help ensure a bright future for our kids.​



Teachers are the key to the success of our children. The PTO have several initiatives throughout the year that help teachers meet their needs in bringing your children the quality education they deserve.  Click on the picture for more details on the initiatives we take in part in to ensure the teachers have the tools that they need.​



In order for our children to have a welcoming environment to learn, the place in which they receive their education needs to be accommodating and give off energy that sparks creativity and excitement about learning. The PTO helps to create this atmosphere.  Click on the picture to read more about specific efforts in which we have been involved.​



The success of students doesn't rely solely on the teachers or the students themselves.  We believe positive experiences in a family setting also foster both educational and social growth, and thus we support family activities to help families spend quality time together.  Click on the picture to learn more about specific events the PTO has planned for families.​

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