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Calendars to be purchased online.  A PDF version of the calendar will be sent to the buyer (via email address input at time of purchase) and will have the calendar number stamped on it.  The calendar number will be assigned randomly and will range from 000 to 999.  Each day’s winner will be the calendar number that matches the winning Ohio Lotto Pick 3 number for that day’s 7:30 PM drawing. In the event that not all 1000 calendars are sold and a Pick 3 number is drawn that does not have an assigned calendar, a random drawing will be done from all purchasers.  If more than 1000 are sold, and two people have the same random number, BOTH calendars/purchasers will win that prize! The same calendar can win more than one day, and multiple calendars may be purchased for increased chances. You do NOT have to be local to win!


2021 Raffle Calendar

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